Carol K. Originals, creator of Icons, Alters and Talismans

My name is Carol Kemp and I have many labels, such as wife, mother, artist, writer and intuitive. I have always been inspired by my love of Spirit or God, the great source of ALL THAT IS.

I make Inspirational art- Icons, Alters and Talismans featuring totem animals and spiritual beings included with messages of self-love and self-care.

I create art and jewelry with purpose, not just an adornment for wall or body, but a reminder of your eternal self, where you come from and what you are connected to.

I write about my experiences with Spirit, how I have navigated this life on Earth, opportunities for growth and other things that strike my fancy.

I love stories and myths, archetypes and metaphors which give guidance to how to live life to the fullest and it is my intention that my creations help to remind you of your connection to ALL THAT IS.

I offer energetic readings for those interested in understanding the support that surrounds them.  These readings are sometimes called Angel readings as they can be interpreted as “whispers from the Light; that which is beyond the “veil”.  The impressions I receive are specific for the individual I am reading, often including totem animals and sometimes an iconic presence, possible a deity from mythology which represents an energy that is important for the client, but ultimately they contain universal truths everyone needs to hear, like the fact that you are never alone, that you are loved and you are the experience of the Divine.

Ultimately, I offer a reminder of the support that each individual has surrounding them infinitely.

Beyond the energetic readings, I work as an artist, and my main work is creating “soul portraits” for my clients, physical representations of the clairvoyant imagery that I receive when “reading” them.  I also create jewelry using the imagery (symbols, totems etc.…) that I perceive for the clients- pieces that people wear to remind them of the incredible backup they have with them at all times- something everyone has whether you believe it or not.

My clients are individuals who are seeking confirmation for that which they are starting to understand about themselves and/or also those looking for guidance.  Beyond the initial reading, some of my clients are interested in owning a physical representation of the symbols, totems, and guides that I “see” around them.

My clientele come from all walks of life, the one thing in common being there interest in expanding their consciousness to include the metaphysical world.

I feel energized and inspired with my work, both in doing the actual readings and while creating the art.  It is what I am here for; you could call it my Divine purpose.

I am just an instrument used to manifest the imagery I see into the physical, and do not offer prophesy, though, I could make an educated guess as to what your life will look like if you continue certain behaviors.

As I said before, my clients are spiritually aware and are interested in having a physical reminder of what they know.  What makes me stand out is how what I do, makes my clients feel.  Who doesn’t want to have an icon, alter or talisman created just for them, something that speaks to their inner knowing?