One Night Stand- assemblage art with heart

A few years ago, I participated in a group show, a fund raiser for Art From Scrap- they have a new name now which I cannot recall- but it is a place in Santa Barbara that promotes sound ecological practices and teaches kids and adults how to better protect our environment.

The show title or theme was One Night Stand and, many Santa Barbara artists participated. Below is the piece I entered, and I am happy to report that an art collector purchased it, and I hope it hangs proudly on their wall.

This is a tribute to how I, in the very far past, of this life time, felt after allowing myself the frivolous encounter of a One Night Stand. though I was the intiate, and thought I knew what I was getting into, the truth was, my heart way too sensitive for such an intimate act devoid of a deeper connection. Sexual encounters are of a spiritual nature and not to be taken lightly, something it took me a bit of experience to figure out.


I thoroughly enjoyed making this piece- something I started in  a class with Michael deMeng. With him I learned the joy of breaking glass in a controlled manner, and the art of creating fabulous texture- making something look old and antiquated, something I adore in my jewelry making. Maybe it has to do with my love of history, as I am passionate about creating things that look as though they have come out of an old archeological dig.

And though, in my life I have made choices that have not been to my greatest benefit, I am here to say that I have learned from my mistakes, and continue too, and that life is good, that this moment is an opportunity to make a great choice for me. I have everything I need deep within me,  and externally, I love my husband, my kids, grand-kids, my family and  I love making art!!!!

Yes, that is Barbies hand coming out of a glass egg, an old cutting disc from my dremel  and a heart made from polymer clay. Oh, and lots of paint!!!

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