And the Word is LOVE

March 13, 2018

For me the New Year began with a bang. I was on the couch for the first four- my eighth day of illness brought a new energy that told me I was in the clear- still I felt congested and my head a bit foggy, still a bit dizzy, but a new found energy to clear the space, to clean and organize, to write was discovered!!!

This is a new year with new ideas. I am excited, but I am also more patient and recognize the need to give myself space, to take my time to realize that I am on Goddess time, not one made artificial by human external forces. No, I am now embarking on Goddess time, within the Goddess realm, and with that a need to slow down and proceed without worry, resting in the fact that all of my needs are always met, that the Goddess has always taken care of me and on that, only that can I rely.

So today, is a glorious day full of all the wonder the world has to offer. I continue my journey ever assured that Goddess is in all things and that everything I see, touch and hear is the emanation of the Goddess. My job is solely to acknowledge that, to be open to all opportunities to see Truth, to know Truth, and that means a completely open mind, an open heart, full of love for everything whether deemed good or bad, beautiful or ugly by the culture of which I live. Oh, my heart is so full right now, I am bursting with gratitude.

At the beginning of the year, I was hankering to do a 40-day intensiveness with a teacher I admire. You know, a sort of kick start to living a closer life with Spirit, and as it goes so often, the holidays always cost more than budgeted, plus I was gone for over 2 weeks, so I just didn’t want to spend the funds to join the intensive.

I started to read what was offered-

  • begin a consistent practice of meditation-

eh, I do that, a year now of 1-hour meditation every morning. (ok, sometimes I only have 30 minutes) but an established practice non the less that has been on going longer than that.

  • Learn the Yamas- how one relates to the external world- (this from the Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra , the first two limbs of the eightfold path, an ethical guideline.)

himsa: nonviolence

Satya: truthfulness

Asteya: non-stealing

Brahmacharya: non-excess (often interpreted as celibacy) but can include overindulgence

Aparigraha: non-possessiveness, non-greed- not grasping for things

And Niyamas- personal practices that relate to one’s inner world-

Saucha: purity

Santosha: contentment

Tapas: self-discipline, training your senses

Svadhyaya: self-study, inner exploration

Ishvara Pranidhana: surrender (to God)

Ok! This is basically how I live my life- sans celibacy- which of course is a man-made attribute worth pursuing if you are an ascetic, which I am not.

  • Daily chants

I do that on my own because I love to sing!!!

  • A group in which to check in with- through Facebook

So that one I don’t have relating to this idea, but I do have my Kundalini yoga class which I consistently attend- and other friends with whom I can discuss my Spiritual life- which by the way is EVERYTHING.

I have determined that I have no need for that class and have saved myself a bunch of money!!!

Yes, I am actively working on self-discipline- mostly in the area of sweets, but I’m feeling pretty good about how I am living. Householder here, doing well with my community.

However, I would put Surrender to God, source, All THAT IS at the very top of the list, as that is the most important. The second idea that I think is soooo very important is something that Jesus came to teach, which it seems a lot of Christian leaders have forgotten, and that is LOVE. Loving your neighbor as yourself.

This idea of loving your neighbor as yourself is what is meant when we consider that we are all One. Every person you meet, everything in this world is you. This is such a hard notion to grasp, but if we are our Consciousness, that means we are everything we focus upon.

The sun shines on everyone the same as does the rain fall on everyone, whether you like them- others or not. When we can grasp that idea, and better yet put it into practice, that is when the world evolves into Heaven on Earth.

Eternity is a long time. We can put off our Spiritual Growth if we do not want to work on loving and forgiving ourselves and others, but wouldn’t it be better to use our time, right now, right here in this lifetime to learn to love ourselves deeply, and vicariously, because we understand that everything and everyone is US, we love and forgive others.

I am not talking about romantic love. Love is such a poor word to express the unconditional Love of God, or Consciousness, if you will. This love I speak of is not judgmental, it has no boundaries. It is the sort of feeling you have when you look at an incredible sunset or a puppy or a baby. Peace, bliss, joy, awe…

If you find yourself judging such beauty, demand your heart to be opened!!! Demand it into the sky, shout out, “Open my heart, open my mind that I may feel the love of ALL THAT IS!”

Ask and you shall surely be heard.

If we allow ourselves to think about this idea that everyone is us, how will we begin to treat others? When we see a person living on the street, or the person at the grocery store, or the even the politicians? This is a mind-boggling question.

I find myself asking myself this question all the time, “In what way can I treat others with more respect and love?”

I am not saying that we have to offer a homeless person a home- I’ve done that and I realized that everyone has their own path, and people make their own choices, but I can treat people with dignity and respect, and look upon people with that same attitude, offering a blessing, rather than scorn.

We all have smiles to offer and kind words. Sometimes, when asked, we can offer suggestions for services available or when we are shopping we can pick up food to donate. While cleaning out our closets we can donate clothing to local shelters.

God knows, if you have a mail box you are inundated with pleas for money. Though I do support some charities, I cannot support them all, but I can offer a prayer.

Writing this here, I must mention that sending love to a person is much more beneficial to you and them, then sending hate. This is an idea that people find so, well, almost repulsive, sending love to those we do not like.

Loving our enemies. Loving your enemies does not mean condoning behavior, nor does it mean you have to hang out with those you do not like. It does mean that you are forgiving their transgressions. “Forgive them Lord, they know not what they do.”

Radical forgiveness. Radical forgiveness is being able to forgive in an instant, not holding grudges. It is a practice to be sure.

If, as science tells us, everything is energy, your thoughts, words and deeds are energy too. Imagine that you, as a soul, have an account, an energy account. Everyone and everything has one. You fill it up with positive, loving thoughts, words and actions and you deplete it by negative, unloving thoughts, words and actions. The more you can send out loving energy, the stronger your account. You become what you focus on, so if your thoughts, words and actions are lovingly based, that is what you will attract into your life.

And I must add here, that if you are at all concerned about what happens after you die, it helps to be a loving, forgiving person, NOW!!! It’s not that you are going to be judged, because you are your own judge, and all Near Death experience-rs report that you will feel all of the energy you have given out. Wouldn’t you rather feel loving energy, rather than wrathful, righteous indignation?

If you have been told that by claiming Jesus as your savior you will find eternal heavenly blessings, even if you continue to hate and judge others, you will be sorely surprised. Each and every one of us is responsible for all the love and hate we give out.

When you are able to send loving thoughts to those you do not like or approve of, etc., you are wrapping them in a loving vibration that counteracts the negative vibration of their actions, which will help to open them up to a more loving vibration.

You have probably heard of the Maharishi effect. In it Maharishi Mahesh Yogi predicted that when 1% of a population is practicing Transcendental Meditation- send out loving vibes- it would cause measurable effects on the lives of those in the area. The Maharishi Effect established the principle that individual consciousness affects the collective consciousness.

Jesus tells us to love our enemies. What other meaning could He possibly have?

Now, if you have read anything about me you know that I am not a Christian. However, I have always known the Truth of Jesus’s words- the WORD is LOVE. I can love Jesus’s teachings and GOD without a church and so can you!!!

The Golden rule- Do unto others as you would have them do unto you!!!! The Golden rule is the only Law you need follow- but you need to make sure you are loving yourself first.

I am not a therapist but would venture to say that any therapist would agree with me that any thought, word or action one person takes on another that is not loving, comes from not loving self, feeling unloved and worthless. The reason people act out is because they are feeling powerless.

WE have to begin by loving and forgiving ourselves just as the Consciousness that prevails, that flows through everything and everyone, that which has been called the Unified Field, the Consciousness Agent, Generator, Organizer, Deliverer, Divine Beloved, Father on Most High, Siva/Shakti, Goddess, God, loves you, me and everyone the same. this energy, the Source energy that we are a part of does not judge. The Goddess holds no score, and only offers mercy, love and forgiveness.

Just as Mother Theresa was able to see the face of Jesus- the face of love- in all of the retched faces of those she pulled from the garbage heap in order to offer them dignity in death- that is how we need view ourselves and everything and everyone around us.

Simple, yes?

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