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Last night Ric and I had a date night. He took me to see Theresa Caputo, also known as The Long Island Medium. He knows I like her because I watch her show on the Boob Tube. I like her mostly because she is bringing the message that consciousness survives after our material body dies. She is so mainstream in her material existence, many can relate to her who may not relate to other spiritual teachers, such as Ram Dass. She doesn’t get into any esoteric rhetoric like I do, so she is easy to assimilate, especially if you have experienced a traumatic death.


I had no illusion that she would have a message for me or Ric, as neither of us have any guilt, or confusion about our loved ones who have passed on, but I wanted to have the experience of watching her work. I was so pleased that Ric wanted to be there too. He has been coming along with me on other adventures for consciousness raising such as attending the monthly IANDs (International Association for Near Death studies) gathering in SB at the Unity Church (second Wed of the month at – 7PM). More on the later.


Theresa Caputo has an amazing gift. Since she was 4 years old, she has been visited by “Spirit” as she calls the energy of the deceased. she explains that the Soul, when it leaves the body goes back into the love of
God, and part of their energy stays with their loved ones, viewing the material world through the eyes of their family.


Her delivery is with love and compassion and lots of humor. She is unaffected and does not take herself too seriously. Her gift though, communicating for Spirit she delivers in earnest.


She is what is called an evidence based medium. She is the medium or vehicle with which Spirit can speak. She was born with a direct line open to commune- something we all have, but, for the most part, we’re trained not to pay attention to. Through her, the energy of individuals who have passed show up with the personality that the fmily would remember, giving evidence of their existences through anecdotes and referencing physical things that the person who is receiving the reading would connect to.



 One fellow, who seemed very reluctant to be “read” was greated by his mother. Theresa asked him if he had brought some of her jewerly with him. He shyly responded that he had her ring, but left it in the car. Theresa went on to ask if he had recently gotten married and moved, and again, so blown away that she new specific details about him, dumbfoundly croaked that , indeed he had just gotten married and moved last week, pointing to his new bride.


Theresa states in the very beginning of the show, that she is not there to convince anyone of what she does, but that she is simply there to relay messages from peoples loved one’s, to offer healing in the knowledge that death is merely a transformation, our loved one’s are with us and know what we are up to, how we are living.


The people who get messages, in this room of 1500, are people who are suffering greatly, mostly holding some responsability or guilt for allowing the loved one to die. The stories are individual to each person being read, but not unfamiliar to any of us. In the infinate wisdom of Higher Consciousness, the people whose family are connected to them from “beyond” hold lessons for us all.


One gal, whose father died, wasn’t able to get her father to follow a cleaner lifestyle, which contributed to his death. The message from him was that he took responsability for his life, how he lived and that he died on his own terms.


This was an over all theme, one that we all can use to help ease our sense of responsibility for those around us. We all choose how we live, and no matter what, we, as individuals get to determine what sort of lifestyle we will maintain. Everyone makes their own choices about how to live, and no amount of guilt tripping or coercion on our part can make another do something or live the way we think is better and healthier.


 This gal, who we learned was a nurse, had to accept that her role as nurse (or daughter) is not to save anyone, she simply offers care and love. It is out of her hands how her patients respond, including her father.


This is a huge lesson for us all. We can only “save” ourselves.


As a mother of a very spirited son, I learned this lesson early, or otherwise I would have gone out of my mind with worry.


We are here, in body, to be joyful and loving, to ourselves first, and then all of that healing, loving energy will exude out of us onto our family, friends and all we meet. The light of our soul spills out to brighten the world.


This idea of saving another, reminded me of something another spirtual teacher, Ram Dass said. While living in the world of human beingness, we have to remember that we are working on issues of attachment. Our soul incarnates to learn various lessons, but the foundational lesson is detachment. If we think we can save anyone, we are attached to being a “savior” and that is not our task, and it holds us back. We can encourage and support, but we have no power to save. Even Jesus, who many call the Savior, only saves by offering a philosophy to live by- and many have struggled with His message as it has been altered and truncated over these many mellenium.


His message, by the way, was to love deeply all that you meet as they are you.


Theresa does not get into any religious dogma or philosophy. She tells us with lots of humor, that she is a practicing Catholic, even though the Church does not agree with what she does, though they have no problem taking her money. Her family growing up, was very spiritual, and never discouraged her gift, though they didn’t understand it. She went on to explain that she spent 5 years learning about and coming to terms with her ability to see and hear dead people, until she went with the flow and surrendered her gift, to help people heal.


And healing was happening last night.


A woman sitting next to me with her mother, told me, before the show started, that she had had a terrible fight with her father days before he passed away. She never got to make up with him. After his death though, he came to her in a dream and told her that everything was ok and that he loved her and knew she loved him. She was hoping he would come through Theresa.


Instead a message was given to a young man whose brother had died, tragically, I gather, as the fellow was full of remorse and guilt that he should have been able to stop the situation. The brother in spirit, through Theresa asked him , “did I not come to you in a dream?” the guy nodded his head,yes. The brother said, “you didn’t need to pay money to come to this event, as I already told you I was ok!!! “


Theresa went on to tell that not everyone gets a dream., saying that she never gets messages from her loved ones and that she doesn’t have dreams. I poked my neighbor, ” you are so lucky you had that dream. Your father is communicating with you.” But she still felt she needed Theresa to verify this truth.


If your loved one has come to you in a dream or you get flashes of them, or something reminds you of them, that is your loved one communicating with you!!! WE have to acknowledge this presence that is all around us. They live through us, they never leave us. We can talk to them and they can hear us.


As long as I can remember I have heard the whispers of Spirit. It is not a running dialogue like my inner critique. It is like a knowing, with specific words. It took me many years to realize that I was able to “see” as well through my minds eye. I do not believe that I am special in that sense, just open to hearing, and as I have, over the years studied and learned to quiet my very busy mind, I was able to ascertain the difference between guided wisdom and egoic mind thoughts- which tend to be the naysayers of my creative ideas.

Theresa has one purpose, and that is help open our minds to other perspectives. She does it through love and compassion and a lot of humor. I fully recommend having the experience of Theresa Caputo if you get the chance.















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  1. What a profound experience and woman!

    On Sun, Jan 19, 2020, 3:38 PM Carol K. Originals wrote:

    > cko2559 posted: ” Last night Ric and I had a date night. He took me to see > Theresa Caputo, also known as The Long Island Medium. He knows I like her > because I watch her show on the Boob Tube. I like her mostly because she is > bringing the message that consciousness surviv” >


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