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Love and birdbikeing

April 16, 2020-  I wrote this is in Dec 2019


This evening Ric and I went to the IANDs (International Association of Near Death Studies) lecture in SB which meets once a month.  The speaker was Jose Hernandez, a man who had an NDE  (near death experience) and is now creating, with his wife, paintings that hold a significant healing frequency.  The process of how he uses colors has been develop based on the experience with healing colors during his venture beyond the veil. Together with his wife Anastasia have developed a “mindfulness practice, Inner Immersion, which is engineered to help others shed the layers which keep them from connecting with their true selves, the very self Jose discovered in his NDE. Jose’s art, originally intended for meditation, is created as portals for the healing energy he saw on the other side, bringing that light into the homes and lives of those who experience them here.”


In the car home, Ric and I discussed, well to be truthful, I expounded my understandings about such experiences.


Firstly, as a color worker, I wholeheartedly appreciate what Jose and his wife, Anastasia are doing.  We are packets of energy, as is everything in this world, and beyond, and the healing happens in the world of energy, not in the material matter that is created from the energy.  The actuality that we create our own reality is the heart of the fact that thoughts create things, as thoughts are a form of energy frequency, like it or not.  Emotions, energy in motion, are part of how we navigate our world and unwittingly create heaven or hell.


Dr Joe Dispenza, Greg Braden, and Bruce Lipton are some of the writers and researchers who have given a scientific understanding to what Wayne Dyer, Tosha Silver and a plethora of modern day teachers, as well as Siddhartha Gautama (the original Buddha), Jesus the Christ, the ancient Vedic’s, and the core of every religion known as long as humans have been on this Earth, have taught about these ideas, so I will leave you to explore these fascinating teachers’ discoveries.


What I was reflecting on was about how, it is that we all have a mind, thoughts and experiences and it never ceases to amaze me that a lot of the folks with whom I have read or listened to who have had an NDE seem to have a myopic view of their experience being “the experience” . Of course, it is their experience and it is relevant information.  What I find fascinating however, is that when you have a person, who never poked his/her toe into the river of the mystical, and then they have a life changing experience, to be sure, they seem to think their vision is The vision.


Now, I am not belittling anyone’s experience here, I am just reflecting.  I too have my experiences and have fallen prey to the notion that my way is The way.  It has taken me a long time to recognize that just because I understand something, and find helpful tools for expanding my consciousness, not everyone sees it that way.  I have to allow others to find their path, just as I have demanded that in my life.

I do not mind someone evangelizing about their epiphanies’, but I want to be free to incorporate their experience into my world view!!!   I am grateful to all who have gone before me to share their wisdom, but it is my duty and responsibility to find my personal truth.


The other thing that occurred to me was the idea that we all have experiences, which are the experiences of God.  That the so-called ills of our world, the hardships and atrocities are opportunities for us to wake up to what we hold in judgement to ourselves.


Everything that bothers us is an opportunity to dig deep into our judgements as LOVE, (a misunderstood word truly) holds no judgement.  LOVE, the energy that I speak of, that we are all a part of, is what is called the Unified Field, Consciousness, Cosmic Mind, Zero Point or God.  Love holds no judgement and for each of us sentient beings, (which everything is, by the way) the experience is to evolve into that state of PURE LOVE, Pure Consciousness.


The ability to transmute all suffering, is directly correlated to one’s ability to LOVE PURELY. This is the aspiration of a non-duelist, one who holds that Consciousness is neither good or bad, just Being.


Wow, what a concept.  I can just briefly touch this idea cognitively.


It is just beyond my grasp, so I can not tell you how to live this truth in its entirety.  The only thing I know for sure is that meditation is a fabulous tool for reaching into the pure field of Love.  It is a practice to be sure, and, for me, as I keep practicing, my expansion grows.


I am coming to this understanding that as I move out of survival mode, that place of just getting by, maintaining shelter and getting food on the table, I begin to recognize how loving the Universe is- this all prevailing field that we are a part of.


The practice of Ho’Onnopono is about cleaning the slate, getting to the Zero point of consciousness, that everything that comes into your world view is there for you to cleanse. I’m sorry, please forgive me, I love you, Thank you, is the mantra, and that is all there is to it!!!  What ever judgements you make, all you need do is say the mantra.  Whatever happens around, whatever state of life you live, you only need use this mantra to clear your life.  This is extremely simple, but hard for the ever-questioning ego mind, indeed.


The Law of Attraction states that we hold a magnetic force and that which we think comes to us.  We create our world, whether consciously or not- and for the most part we are unconsciously doing so.  I would never tell you that you created all the experiences in your life, not consciously anyway. No victim shaming here.  But, if you are inclined to change your circumstances, if life is not joyful, you need to find a practice that helps you to change your perspective in order to change the way that you think.


Money, or lack of, or health or rather the lack of, is God’s way of getting you on the path.  When you are no longer willing to suffer, you will be willing to do the work.  Taking a pill is easy, until it isn’t.

Your truth, the consciousness or soul that you are, that is never extinguished will play in the vastness of eternity, learning and playing within consciousness.


The beauty of all of this is that nothing matters. Not in the bigger Reality.


You can go on and on living in hell until you finally get tired of it and decide you want to create heaven. And as I write this, I recognize that my ideas of heaven and hell may be vastly different then yours.



Though I recognize that time is nonexistent, simply a construct of our 3D world to give location, we still perceive it. We have been trained to function within time constraints.


But the expansive consciousness, that we are a part of is eternal, with no past and no future, just this Now moment. And that means that what ever we do is just an experience.


Consciousness never dies.


Our bodies die, but what we hold in our hearts, our true mind is never extinguished.  (Consider the Ancient Egyptian law of Ma’at and the idea that what you held in your heart determined where you went after death).



The other night I watched a program on the National Geographic channel where Lisa Ling was telling  about her experience in North Korea, and later the program discussed what is known about the political and economic structure of North Korea.  It was appalling, and I found myself truly affected by the fact that 25,000,000 people are living under such harsh conditions.


I find myself asking this question, what can I do to help these brothers and sisters of mine, trapped within that hell, if indeed it is, and the best that I can come up with his my own personal healing, because as I learn to love myself, heal myself, I am more available to be there for those around me.  As I heal, I contribute to the collective consciousness, if I offer the world a loving view, it helps others to do the same.


Mother Theresa, when asked how she was able to work with all the misery she surrounded herself with, responded by saying she loved to see the many faces of Jesus.


This idea is so completely profound.  It suggests that everything is God or Consciousness, or the Field, if you prefer a scientific name.


Every thing that bothers you, every person who you shake a fist at, or don’t approve of, or don’t like the way they dress, wear their hair or drive a car you do not approve of is an opportunity to understand yourself better.


Every one of these situations is an opportunity to love yourself more and rise up the Spiral of Unity, the endless coil of experience.


Nothing is wrong, everything is good as you are the center of your Universe and the Universe loves you so much it gives you everything you ask for.


Careful though, as your desires may not be your truth.  We have to clear out our subconscious in order to fill ourselves up with the desires of God.  Nisargadatta Maharaj said, “Let your raging desires become preferences. That is your part. After that, all things will be done for you and through you, not by you.  The whole Universe bows to one who has fully let go.”


The Universe knows what is best for you; Trust, Be Grateful, Surrender.


Once we get past the neediness of survival, once you recognize that you have everything you need, that everything you need is within you, this is where you start to function from a place of service, because when you take the emphasis off of yourself, and onto others, you will find the greatest joy.


This is the place of vast riches.


Having money will buy you stuff, but it cannot fill your heart.


Part of the practice is to recognize this truth.  You cannot take anything material with you. All of the great sages knew this truth.  That is what Jesus meant when he said to give your shirt if someone steals your coat.  You do not need it in the house of my father, he said.


Trust that all of your needs will be met.  Practice gratitude.  Open your heart and your mind to the unknown riches that will offer an exquisite experience.


For more scientific information on how to open up and become the creator of a life you will thrive in please check out Dr. Joe Dispenza’s work-  (no, I do not work for him- just inspired by his work)

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